Why did the coach cross the road?


In the classic joke, we all know why the chicken crossed the road, but the million dollar question is: why did the coach cross the road?

To get new perspective!

Let me put it another way. Have you seen the movie money ball? 
It’s one of our all time favourites! Why? Because it takes a situation- one the baseball industry has been looking at the same way for decades- and asks us to see it from another angle. Jonah Hill (plays Peter Brand in the movie) comes along with a 2mm shift in perspective on player stats, the same stats that have been collected on players since 1977 (but really began with the boxscore in 1858), and the game changes. A loosing team with no budget for draft picks becomes a winning team breaking records. Same statistics, different perspective.

Coaching is like Moneyball. Armed with objectivity, coaches help clients make the 2mm shift in perspective that could change everything- remove obstacles, transform relationships, overcome fear.That is how coaches change lives.

Coaches challenge people to ‘cross the road’ with powerful questions. Questions help us see the same thing, differently.

Are you excited yet?! Become a coach and change lives, starting with yours. 



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