What If You Knew Every Word or Thought Materialized?

The quality of your communication shapes the quality of your life. Think about that statement for a minute. What if you knew every thought, every word you spoke could instantly materialize? Would you be more aware of the language you choose?

If we consider that words only impact 7% of what we experience when we listen to someone speak, how important can words really be? Deepak Chopra suggests “your cells eavesdrop on your internal dialogue….language creates your material reality”. Every thought, every word you think and express shapes your body language, your energy, your emotional state and your power to create what you desire.

As NIURKA, author of Supreme Influence writes,  the language we use affects:

  • Thoughts
  • Internal dialogue (the little voice in your head)
  • Nonverbal communication (body language & speaking through actions)
  • Creative visualization ( the pictures, sounds and feelings in your mind)
  • Creative artistic expression (external)
  • Written words (texts, emails, blogs, tweets, posts)
  • Use of symbols (emojis, $,%,~, &)
  • Silence (when silence speaks louder than words)

What we think and what we speak shapes our lives. Take for example the difference between a sales rep who says: “I need to make this sale” VS someone one who is guided by the intention to build authentic relationships and awesome customer experience who might say “I’m inspired to make a difference today and earn a customer for life”. Chances are the “needy” sales man will find himself in a permanent needy state, without wealth. We unconsciously radiate the energy of our thoughts!

In coaching, we strategically notice the language our clients use as a window into a person’s mind. Our choice of words reveals what we think and believe about ourselves and the world around us. Creating awareness around language and the power it has on materializing what we most want can transform a person’s life. Coaches mirror language back to their clients and use strategies to re-frame language to empower a person to consciously create and manifest success with purpose and powerful intentions.

So stop and consider, What are you revealing about yourself when you speak?

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