ICF Coach Certification | Human Development

ICF Coach Certification | Human Development

A Coach Approach to Leadership

Become the leader people are inspired to follow. 

The kind of leader who creates a safe space for ownership and accountability, where failure is an opportunity for growth and mistakes lead to innovation.  

Drive higher performance with a Coach Approach!

Coaching Teams to Win



Adopt a culture that facilitates other people’s thinking. Create a safe place where people take risks, challenge each other and dare to think ‘out of the box’.



Decode cultural differences and recognize patterns of flawed thinking and judgements.
Master communication in multi-cultural and global teams



Uncover the core contradictions and restraining mindsets of teams that prevent them from optimizing outcomes 



Who are your internal Champions?  Identifying, positioning and devleop future leaders for success.

“In management circles, engagement is one of those mystically idealized conditions for employees, the equivalent of an athlete in the zone or an artist in a state of creative flow. “

Triggers –Marshall Goldsmith

Biju Misra, Director, Operations – Enterprise Systems

“The “Leader as Coach” program by CCA empowers leaders to help their teams have a broader perspective about themselves and the impact they can have within the organization. Learning how to ask insightful and powerful questions that disrupt thinking and lead to permanent and positive change using the coach approach is the key. CCA sessions are results driven, well organized, facilitated effectively. If you are looking to raise organizational performance, there is no one better to engage. ”

Canada Coach Academy

Canada Coach Academy (CCA) certifies individuals around the globe to maximize potential in their workplace with a focus on developing others and building cultural fluency in multi-cultural teams.