Throwback Thursday: Take a Look Inside CCA

 I feel grateful everyday that I come into work. I have the privilege of meeting and working with incredible people who inspire me daily. Coaching has changed my life in every way possible. I thank each and every person within our coaching family for giving me purpose...

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Coach Crossings – Interview with Dawn

My words will not do justice to the beautiful feeling that comes from listening to Dawn talk about her passion for coaching. Dawn Marvasti is filled with love. She is caring, patient and loves to help people navigate challenges. She is most fulfilled when she is...

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Are You a Good Coach?

Coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry. It's no wonder there is so much buzz about coaching in both the wellness industry and corporate world. So you might be asking yourself, what makes a good coach and would I be a good coach? If you answer yes to the following...

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Coach Crossings – Interview with Doug

Doug Grundman is driven by his commitment to inclusivity, social justice, and empathy. He is also described as accountable, organized, dedicated and acts with integrity. Doug has over thirteen years of experience in teaching, volunteering, mentorship and coaching with...

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Coach Crossings – Interview with Marie-Claude

Marie-Claude Lapalme is an accomplished bilingual facilitator, trainer, and credentialed executive coach. Her work spans over 15 years. She has had the pleasure of working with leaders throughout Canada, the US & Europe. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies in...

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Coach Crossings – Interview with Laurence

Laurence Pichon is a Performance Coach specializing in executive coaching and career development. She is an Accredited Facilitator with Canada Coach Academy. She has 20+ years of global experience in business & people development. A passionate human development...

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Coach Crossings – Interview with Mimi

Canada Coach Academy would like to introduce you to Mimi Bhutia. Mimi is treasured within the Canada Coach Academy community for her happy, can do mindset. Her lifelong learning attitude and dedication to coaching inspire all who meet her. Mimi was born and raised in...

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Coach Crossings – Interview with André

It was my pleasure to interview André Pedneault, and it was with my sincere appreciation that he was willing to do so in English to benefit our English speaking viewers today. André, a French Canadian born and raised in Quebec, has developed his career in different...

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Coach Crossings – Interview with Lisa

You need to meet Lisa De Nicola. Her innate passion for helping people achieve success is inspiring. It's a natural talent that she has recently taken to a new level within the professional coaching realm. Lisa lives in Toronto, and comes from a tight knit Italian...

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Coach Crossings – Interview with Caroline

Caroline loves being with people. It was a privilege to feel that love while I interviewed her for the Canada Coach Academy's Coach Crossings project.  Caroline is originally from Montreal and currently resides in Toronto where she is a Conflict Management and...

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Canada Coach Academy (CCA) certifies individuals around the globe to maximize potential in their workplace with a focus on developing others and building cultural fluency in multi-cultural teams.

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