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ICF Coach Certification | Human Development

ICF Coach Certification | Human Development

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Upcoming Courses:

September 19th – Montreal (Français)

October 3rd – Toronto 

October 17th – Calgary

Why Get ICF Certified?

  • ICF is the gold standard in Coach Certification.
  • Learn the magic of holding space for others.
  • Discover tools and strategies to help people leap over self-imposed obstacles.
  • Dig into the science of behaviour change.
  • Master a powerful model for life changing conversations.
  • Grasp the truth about powerful questions.
  • Become fluent in the language of inclusion.
  • Step into a learner mindset and detox from judgment.

Why Canada Coach Academy?

  • World Class Facilitators.
  • Passionate support team for our students.
  • Experiential and active learning.
  • A life-time commitment to your success.
  • An all-inclusive program- no hidden fees; no missing requirements.
  • We provide you with people to coach to complete the practical component.
  • Membership into a global community of world class coaches.
  • 3 HRS of business coaching.
  • Privileged access to CCA Coach Tool Box & other powerful resources.
  • More passion than we can contain!

Sylvain Tremblay, Director Of Mines

This program was a revelation for me! It made me realize that it’s a brilliant way of helping others achieve their potential. Nathalie as my coach trainer has helped so much, and continues to do so with patience and passion. I thank her dearly for this.

Chantal Francoeur, VP HR

I missed good opportunities to be a better change agent in my career; If only I’d had the knowledge in coaching that I have now. Today I understand the real difference between coaching and mentoring. This program had a high impact on my coaching skills and led to my biggest discoveries.

Laurence Pichon, Global Business Coach

The program facilitators are experienced coaches who are not only highly qualified but also support their students every step of the way. I owe them more than a diploma – it’s been a truly life-changing experience.

Inspire, Empower, Engage; Become A Performance Coach

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are curious about people and their potential.
  • People always seem to be telling you that you should be a coach.
  • You are passionate about helping others.

If you answered yes, you’ve found your tribe!

Program Descriptions

Performance Coach Certification Program

Life & Business Coach Certification Program

What People Are Saying About Canada Coach Academy

Relaxed learning environment helped breakdown tensions very early in the first day. it was an environment for deep sharing and coaching. Overall an enjoyable learning experience.

Jim Hornell  VP Healthcare

Wow, I had no idea that my class of 10 would build rapport and connect so quickly and so deeply over those first three days. I feel transformed by my in-classroom experience and warmly welcomed by Nathalie and Andrew into the Canada Coach Academy family. I know that with the help of both of them as well as my student peers I have everything I need to become a successful coach.

Sarah Flint  Performance Coach

Definitely life changing. Made me more convinced of my intuition and passion towards coaching and helping others achieve their full potential.

Fadi Nourallah  VP HR

This program really changed my view not only on coaching but on life. I really appreciate that people have the ability to solve their own issues and all they need sometimes is someone to truly listen. Thank you for opening my mind to this. I think it will have a huge impact on my business and personal life.

Michael Prosserman  CEO | Speaker | Consultant | Coach | U of T Instructor

I appreciate Nathalie’s style, honestly, transparency and her honesty and humour. The content was rich and Im looking forward to learning more as we continue through the rest of the program virtually.

Lisa De Nicola  Account Manager

What People Are Saying About Canada Coach Academy

“This program was a revelation for me! It made me realize that it’s a brilliant way of helping others achieve their potential. Nathalie as my coach trainer has helped so much, and continues to do so with patience and passion. I thank her dearly for this.”

—  Sylvain Tremblay, Director of Mines

Upcoming Certification Dates

Jan/Feb31, 1, 2Ottawa2019Complete/Full
September19,20,21Montreal (Français)2019Open
October17,18,19Calgary 2019Open
November6,7,8French Guinea (Français)2019Open

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Canada Coach Academy (CCA) certifies individuals around the globe to maximize potential in their workplace with a focus on developing others and building cultural fluency in multi-cultural teams.

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