Are You Using Your Secret Weapon? 


Research has proven coaching is powerful and yet underused.

What makes coaching so powerful? Awareness, commitment and practice (Forbes,  2018). Building these strong foundations is the key to progress. When will you start using your secret weapon?

 Transformation starts with:

1. Awareness

Self-awareness is the key to change.

 2. Commitment

Change starts with dissatisfaction, a vision for what you want and the will to do the work of change. Commitment is a decision.

 3. Practice

Coaching cannot be learned theoretically. Coaching is learned in the doing, and the good news is, you can coach in any conversation. So, who will you coach today?

Our mission is to train world class coaches so that everyone can feel valued, self motivated and empowered to make a difference.

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Canada Coach Academy (CCA) certifies individuals around the globe to maximize potential in their workplace with a focus on developing others and building cultural fluency in multi-cultural teams.

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