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Accréditation Coach ICF |
Développement Humain

Accréditation Coach ICF |
Développement Humain

Nous formons des coaches de calibre international

Commencez à vivre votre passion dès aujourd’hui

Ce que nous croyons

Quand ils se sentent en confiance et en sécurité, les gens prennent des risques, jonglent avec de nouvelles idées, surmontent leurs craintes et atteignent leur plein potentiel.

Tout le monde a besoin d’un coach pour découvrir leur étincelle de génie

Ce que disent nos coaches

Relaxed learning environment helped breakdown tensions very early in the first day. it was an environment for deep sharing and coaching. Overall an enjoyable learning experience.

Jim Hornell
VP Healthcare

Wow, I had no idea that my class of 10 would build rapport and connect so quickly and so deeply over those first three days. I feel transformed by my in-classroom experience and warmly welcomed by Nathalie and Andrew into the Canada Coach Academy family. I know that with the help of both of them as well as my student peers I have everything I need to become a successful coach.

Sarah Flint
Performance Coach

Definitely life changing. Made me more convinced of my intuition and passion towards coaching and helping others achieve their full potential.

Fadi Nourallah

This program really changed my view not only on coaching but on life. I really appreciate that people have the ability to solve their own issues and all they need sometimes is someone to truly listen. Thank you for opening my mind to this. I think it will have a huge impact on my business and personal life.

Michael Prosserman
CEO | Speaker | Consultant | Coach | U of T Instructor

I appreciate Nathalie’s style, honestly, transparency and her honesty and humour. The content was rich and Im looking forward to learning more as we continue through the rest of the program virtually.

Lisa De Nicola
Account Manager

Nathalie is a wonderful teacher and is great at making students feel welcome and safe. Three intense days were exciting and I look forward to the content coming.

Jeremy Petepiece
Principal Renewals Manager

CCA program offered each participant balanced sessions that supported each member to grasp concepts and practice in a meaningful way. 3 days on-site program is the ideal formula for success. Having time to digest information with weekly group video conferences makes more sense to me versus a sit down classroom approach. The resources provided are impressive. Staff enthusiasm is genuine and infectious; high level of energy and professionalism invested.

Doug Grundman

Very good and appropriate content. Perfect class size. Instructor was very good- educational! Really appreciated the authenticity of the program.

Carolyn Parkinson

The course is so education with amazing theory and practical training. The facilitators are masters of coaching and education as well a fostering amazing connections.

Lacie Wournell
Strategy, Transformation, and Supply Chain Specialist

A great program designed to give you the framework and the opportunity to practice to become a strong professional coach.

John Johnston, PhD
Psychological Talent Assessment Specialist

Début de notre prochaine séance d’accréditation ICF

Montréal, QC : 19 septembre

Toronto, ON : 3 octobre (anglais)

Guinée: 6 novembre

Trouver un coach

Pourquoi les athlètes d’élite ont-ils un coach?

Un coach met en doute les idées préconçues. Il met en lumière certaines choses pour vous sensibiliser parce qu’on ne peut pas changer ce que l’on ne voit pas.

Trouvez un coach qui vous fera découvrir votre étincelle de génie.

Ateliers de leadership

Derrière chaque grand leader, il y a un coach. Renseignez-vous dès aujourd’hui sur nos programmes de « Coaching de leadership ».

Le leader qui adopte une approche de coach suscitera motivation, loyauté, créativité et responsabilisation.

Le résultat ? Une performance optimale. Tout devient possible. 

Accréditation de coach ICF

Une personne suffit à changer la vie d’une autre. Redonnez au suivant en vous joignant à une communauté de coaches de calibre international qui changent des vies.

Qu’allez-vous laisser en héritage?

Formations de niveau ACC et PCC maintenant offertes

Trucs de coaching

L’Académie de coaching Canada
L’Académie de coaching Canada accrédite des gens du monde entier pour leur permettre d’optimiser le potentiel de leur milieu de travail en se concentrant sur le développement des autres et la fluidité des relations au sein d’équipes multiculturelles.